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New Video from Alex Rivera & La Sabrosona to be release on Jan 28

Coming soon from Salsaneo Records the new video from Alex Rivera y La Sabrosona the new promotional single "Tun Tun Kan Karan" from his debut production "Pide Que Hay"

Executive Producer: Steve Guasch, Alex Rivera

Musical Direction and Concept: Steve Guasch

Composer: Rey Torcat

Arreger: Pedro Jesus

Piano: Ronald Quiroz

Bass: Julio Fernandez Antillano

Congas: Yomar “Caballo” Mendez

Timbal: Yorma “Caballito” Mendez

Bongo: Yomar “Caballo” Mendez

Trumpets: Daniel Mendez

Flute: Jeremy Bosch

Back up Vocals: Lenin Quintero, Juan Carlos Lara

Guiro: Yomar “Caballo” Mendez

Maracas: Yomar “Caballo” Mendez

Publishing: Los Torcatt Production, C.A.

Recording Studio: Ronald Quiroz Studios Cabimas VZ Dale Celebro Studios Caracas VZ

Recording Studio Lead Vocals: FVM Studios Seattle by Enrique "Kiki" Valera Alarcon

Mixed and Mastered: FVM Studios Seattle by Enrique "Kiki" Valera Alarcon

Photography: William Munoz

Graphic Art: ImpresionarT by Deborah Guasch

Video production: Patricia Carrion Moras and Miguel Lucho Munoz

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