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Alex Rivera y La Sabrosona

A musical journey that began in New York where he was raised. Mentored by the legendary singer songwriter Johnny Vega, who performed with Rafael Cortijo y Su Combo and Orquesta La Muralla.  Alex Rivera brought his street wise sonero style to the Pacific Northwest an established yet blossoming Salsa music scene. Alex’s first experience in the NW was with the newly founded Ricky Morla Rios y Su Orquesta La Clave and Conjunto Calor Tropical in the early 90’s. Soon after he joined The Latin Expression Orchestra where he shared front man duties and recorded vocals and contributed as a composer of 3 songs in their debut album entitled “Realidad” in 1997. After a brief stint in the Portland, OR Salsa scene where he had the opportunity to perform with various local bands, he returned to Seattle and performed with Steve Guasch and Orchestra Nueva Era, Guaschara. In 2015 Rivera, became a band leader joining forces with Cuban Cuatro virtuoso Kiki Valera and formed the Cuban son group Los Guajibaros. Alex continued his quest and reached for his lifelong dream of forming his own 70’s sounding salsa band La Sabrosona. Alex joined forces with Steve Guasch and signed with Salsaneo Records opening the door for his first production entitled “Pide Que Hay” which will be available in 2021. The production includes arrangements by Oscar Ivan Lozano “OiLo”, Pedro Jesus, Victor Gamez and compositions by Johnny Vega, Rey Torcat, Pedro Jesus and Julio Lopez. The production also has the special participation of Jeremy Bosch, Luisito Quintero, Oscar Ivan Lozano “OiLo” and Sammy Garcia as well as a vast constellation of luminaries from Venezuela and Colombia. The band’s sound was Inspired by the 70’s style salsa made famous by the Fania All Stars as well as the sounds of the same era salsa scene from Puerto Rico.

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