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Guaschará is a group comprised of 2 trombones and tenor sax/flute, bass, conga, timbales and bongo. This group is the creation of percussionist Steve Guasch and talented pianist and arranger Julio Jáuregui. The group showcases the talent of young puertorican sonero Joe De Jesus. Guaschará presents a musical style that recalls the 70's sound of the classical era of salsa, while staying current with modern and interesting arrangements that are influenced by elements of salsa and jazz. Our first CD "Influencias", features the participation of percussionist Paoli Mejias and flautist Jeremy De Jesus of Puerto Rico. As well as the talents of venezuelan musicians Marcial Isturiz, Eliel Rivero and Jose Soto "Mortadelo.


Influencias (Album)

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