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Josean Rivera New Production "Esto No Es Secreto" available Friday 8/13 on all digital platforms

Press Release

Salsaneo Records releases Josean Rivera new production “Esto No Es Secreto”

Salsaneo Records will release Josean Rivera “Esto No Es Secreto” his 4th solo release on Friday August 13 on all digital platforms, his second release under Salsaneo Records, after a successful production “Sonero Para El Pueblo", Rivera brings a more polished sound expanding is range yet delivering is brand of “Sonero” style of improvisation that he is known for. This production includes compositions by Angel Santos Jr, Johnny Vega, Charlie Donato, Nandy Lafontaine, Edgardo Irizarry as well as songs written by Josean Rivera. The arrangers are, Kevin Pagan, William “Willie” Melo and Ernesto “Tito” Rivera.

“Cantante Versatil” is the name of the second single from this production, the song was composed by Josean Rivera and arranged by William “Willie: Melo.

The production will be released in CD format on Aug 16, the digital and streaming formats will be available on Friday August 13, 2021. The vinyl release will be in November 2021in a limited-edition colored vinyl.

“The orchestration for this production remains 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and a baritone sax. "In this production Josean Rivera is solidifying is sound with a more distinct sound in the way the orchestration was voiced, the arrangements have a more consistent sound throughout the entire production, and Josean show us a more mature vocal sound making use of his full vocal range, showcasing his singing ability as well as his “sonero” singing style” says Steve Guasch owner of Salsaneo Records, “Josean has been hard at work even though markets have shut down because of the pandemic, we have been working on this production for a full year and hope it will be received with positive reviews by the salsa music world, “El Sonero Melodioso" is back in full force” adds Steve Guasch.

Josean Rivera was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He showed interest in music and the timbal at a very young age. At 15 he discovers his thru passion, singing. At 16 he meets Jose M. Torres (Pollo) and Jerry Rivas conga player and lead singer of El Gran Combo who given him the opportunity to get on stage and sing with them whenever they coincided at a El Gran Combo presentation.

In 1999 Josean joins Raphy Leavitt singing the songs that had been made popular by Tony Vega like, Cosquillita, Sheila Taina, El Picaflor among others. His participation with La Selecta ended in February 2002, when Rivera leaves Puerto Rico to pursue work opportunities in the US.

Josean Rivera has accompanied singers Tony Vega, Luisito Carrion, Herman Olivera, Tito Rojas, Andy Montanez among others.

In 2012 he joins Rafi Marrero and records 2 productions, “Realizacion De Un Sueño” and “Intenacional”, in which he recorded the songs “Amor Infiel, La Fibrosa, Mi Ritmo Afincao, Una Voz Llamada Charlie a tribute to Charlie Aponte and "Otra Cunita Blanca" a homage to Maestro Raphy Leavitt”.

In September 2016 Rivera makes the decision of creating his own project. To this day he recorded two productions, “A Ponerla En La China” and “El Nuevo Amolador”, Among the composers we have Mike Amadeo, Angel Santos Jr, Charlie Donato and Nandy Lafontaine. Some of the most notable song are “Pablito", "La Voz De La Experiencia", "Soy Guarachero", "Juancito", "Juguete No Quiero Ser" and "Tus Ojos Verdes” which received great reviews and popularity in the salsa scene. The arrangers for these projects where Cesar Hijar, Carlitos Garcia, Victor Romero y Kevin Pagan.

For info and booking of Josean Rivera please contact Salsaneo Records at

Steve Guasch

Salsaneo Records




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