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Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe Present Circles of Time Project

DLR Music releases their new production Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe Present Circles Of Time Project. Colombian vibraphonist Dorance Lorza who resides in London, once again delivers high quality and excellence, joining forces with pianist, composer, arranger Anna Gillespie and an All Star cast of friends that while lock up during the pandemic and thanks to the advent of technology recorded from England, Colombia, USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ireland and Spain, 9 tracks of "puro sabor" for the delight of the lovers of Latin Jazz and Salsa. Some of the guest artist appearing in the production are Gerardo Rosales, Roberto Pla, Maximo Rodriguez, Diego Gale, Steve Guasch, Jonathan Valencia, Hernando Isaza to name a few. Lorza delivers is signature sound of the Vibraphone Sextet with a violin section which has positioned him as one of the most consistent salsa bands in Europe, delivering quality productions after quality productions since his first release Cafe Salsa in 1996. Lorza with this production embellishes his signature formula adding a big band orchestration. Lorza and Gillespie, shine with their modern voicings in their compositions and arrangements and superb execution of their instruments, staying true to the tradition while pushing the envelope in creating great music for both dancers and listeners of all tastes alike.


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