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Kiki Valera CD Release Party Sat Oct 26 at The Seattle Town Hall

Join Kiki Valera for the CD release of his new production "Vivencias en Clave Cubana" on Origen Records this Saturday Oct 26 at The Town Hall in Seattle.

VIVENCIAS EN CLAVE CUBANA - NEW CD - KIKI VALERA Release date: 10-18-2019 - Now available on all digital platforms ..

Liner notes by Bill Tilford VIVENCIAS EN CLAVE CUBANA is the debut solo album of Cuban cuatro master Kiki Valera, a member of the Familia Valera Miranda, a century old group and one of the most important purveyors of the Son Cubano. Joined here by childhood friend, renowned Cuban vocalist Coco Freeman, Valera and his exciting ensemble pair 12 original songs with beautiful instrumental work in ways that will make you dance, laugh, and possibly shed a tear. Cuba’s traditional music has a history of constant evolution from its very beginnings.

Here is an excerpt: "This album was recorded in its entirety by Kiki at his facility in Seattle. His studies in electrical engineering and recording make him a demanding taskmaster when it comes to audio quality, a feature of this record that you will also appreciate. He employed various specialty recording techniques to capture the living essence of his cuatro and used several pre-amplifiers he hand customized to color and warm the sound along with some vintage microphones. Consequently, the mix and master built on this sonic foundation delivers all the traditional and roots tones with a sophisticated, full-range, modern sound-stage treatment. While dancers will move to this right away, audiophiles will also notice the definition, headphone sweetness, and surprises that are eventually discovered after repeated listening." .. Kiki Valera - Cuatro, Guitar, Claves, Maracas, Coros Coco Freeman - Lead Vocals Carlos Cascante- Lead Vocals (2) Alexis Baro - Trumpet José J. Alayo - Bass Yanill Nario Bass (2,7,9)/ Coros (2,9) Pedro Vargas - Congas, Bongos Joshua De Jesús - Coros Steve Guash - Coros .. Recorded by Kiki Valera Mixed by Kiki Valera & Michael Lazarus Mastered by Michael Lazarus - .. For more information: ..

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