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New Production from Charly Hernandez "Distancia" coming soon.

Carlos "Charly Hernandez is a singer and multi instrumentalist from Veracruz, Mexico. Hernandez rapid rise in the Pacific NW salsa scene is no coincidence, but a testament to his hard work and commitment to hard work. "I saw Charly Perform at Club Sur with Elimar Ugueto's band La Grande de NW, and immediately, noticed his charisma and unique style. it was after a few years later that we decided to work together. Now finally the dream is coming to life with the upcoming release "Distancia". The production includes 8 original tracks and 1 cover of the song "Eso" by Alejandro Sanz. The production was handled by Oscar Ivan Lozano"OiLo" in Colombia. The production features a duet with special guest Osvaldo Roman (Ex Puerto Rican Power) on "Me Despido" composed by Charly Hernandez. He is also the composer of 8 of the songs, while the arrangements where done by OiLo. The new single will be release in the upcoming weeks, so be in the look out. Hernandez is part of the new wave of composer/singers of the new generation of salseros. Putting Seattle and his native Veracruz on the salsa map.

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