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Salsaneo's Best 10 of 2019

There was great music produced last year, I only included songs that where released on CD format during 2018. A lot of singles worthy of mention where released, but would be another list all together. I feel the future of salsa music is in good hands, specially for the new generation of salsa artists. The old school groups have a lot to offer, and i eagerly awaiting their new releases. To me an album which consists of more that 90% covers will not make my list no matter who the artist is. But this is just my perspective i respect other points of view,, but since this is my list here you!

Also Salsaneo Records will be releasing new music in 2019 from Charly Hernandez "A Distancia"; Miguel Angel "En Vivo y En Directo"and Alex Rivera y La Sabrosona "Pide Que Hay" also in the works a new production by Curao en Salsa and Steve Guasch & Orquesta Nueva Era.

1. Pedro Bermudez - Arrazando

2. Curao En Salsa - Salsa Para El Bailador

3. Dorance Lorza & Septeto Cafe -Tributo desde Londres a Cali

4. Josean Rivera - El Nuevo Amolador

5. Quintero Salsa Project - Nuestro Hogar

6. La Negramenta - Los Buenos

7. Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Aniversario

8. La Paris Salsa Orchestra - Los Escogidos

9. Orquesta Abran Paso - Salsa Radio-activa

10. Orquesta Morel Campos - Para Siempre

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