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Charly Hernandez live at Club Sur March 9th

Charly Hernandez is back at Club Sur this friday march 9th with new repertoire as well as favorites and a couples of his new songs which will be featured in his upcoming CD from Salsaneo Records entitled "Distancias". Charly is a singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Veracruz, Mexico who delivers on stage a powerful mix of songs with the dancers in mind.

Hernandez debut CD is a collaboration of taent from Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico. The project is being recorded at OiLo studios in Bogota, Colombia by Oscar Ivan Lozano "OiLO' and Bettr Music Studios by Juio Jauregui under the guidance and vision of puertorrican producer Steve Guasch. All the songs are composed by Charly and arranged by Oilo with the exception of a cover from Alejandro Sanz song titled "Eso" arranged by Lozano and an original composition written and arranged by Julio Jauregui.

We hope all the recording for the project will be finished in March, while mix and mastering done by April. With a final release sometime in June.

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