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Press Release New CD's from Las Estrellas del Coqui "Hijos de Un Tambor"

Febrero 26, 2018

Press Release

New production from Las Estrellas Del Coquí – Hijos de un Tambor

Seattle, WA based Salsaneo Records presents puertorrican salsa band Las Estrellas Del Coquí and their new production “Hijos de un Tambor”, The first promotional song is titled “Alegria y Sabor” composed and arranged by singer/songwriter, Van Lester. In 2010 the brothers Roque "Koki" Lozada Cotto y Edgardo Lozada Cotto from Barrio Santa Rosa 1 of Guaynabo funded Las Estrellas del Coqui under the guidance of Van Lester who coined their name.

The musical direction was handled by bassist Javier Ocasio. The sound of the band mixes elements from the classic era of puertorican salsa with new modern sensibilities. Las Estrellas del Coqui features new vocal talents looking to add to the vast salsa landscape of the island. Bianca Cotto shines in “Hijos de un Tambor”, “Te toco Perder” and “El Azucar de Celia”, Danny de la Matta swings hard with “Mas Arepa”, Alegria y Sabor and Las Estrellas Del Coqui”, “Puerto Rico a Ti Te Canta” while Koki Lozada sings “Te Llevo En Mi” and sings and plays requinto on the only cover of the CD “Mi Alumna” song popularized by Jose Pineiro “Pijuan”. The songs “Isla del Cordero” were sang by Bianca Cotto, Koki Lozada, Danny de la Matta and Hugo Maysonet.

The band shortly after hurricane Maria released the single “Isla Del Cordero” to positive reviews. The song is included in it’s original format as well as an extended version that features percussion solos and an alternate ending. The production will be available in physical and digital formats through Amazon and digital providers, as well as in local stores in Puerto Rico and salsa markets in the US and abroad.


Executive Producer: Steve Guasch

Musical Director: Javier Ocasio

Composer and Arranger: Javier Ocasio

Trombones arrangement and orchestration: David Irrurita

Piano: Julio Santiago

Bass: Javier Ocasio

Conga: Samuel Ortiz

Timbal: Jossie González

Bongo: Edgardo Lozada

Requinto: Roque "Koki" Lozada

Singers: Roque "Koki" Lozada, Bianca Cotto, Danny de la Matta & Héctor Maysonet

Childrens back ground vocals: Alondra Zoe Ocasio Serrano y Thalía Marie Vázquez

Recording Studio: Sonux Studios

Sound Engineer: Papo Sánchez

Mix and mastering: Papo Sánchez

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