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Las Estrellas Del Coqui "Hijos De Un Tambor"

Salsaneo Records will be releasing the debut CD of Las Estrellas Del Coqui "Hijos De Un Tambor" on the March 16. This group is the creation of brothers Koki and Edgardo Lozada from Guaynabo, PR. Singer/songwriter Van Lester provided lyrics and arrangements on this production in support of this production as well as Javier Ocasio . The musical direction was handled by bassist Javier Ocasio.

The arrangements feature a 3 trombone horn section and 4 singers, Bianca Cotto, Angel "Danny" de la Matta, Koki Lozada and Hugo Maysonet. The rhythm section are pianist Julio Santiago and Javier Ocasio on bass while the percussion features Samuel Ortiz on congas; Jossie Gonzalez on timbal and Edgardo Lozada on bongo. Trombones were recorded by Luis Gines and David Irrurita. The production was mixed and mastered by Papo Sanchez and recorded at Sonux Studios.

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