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Curao En Salsa


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Producer, arranger and pianist from Choco, Colombia Oscar Ivan Lozano "OiLo", was musical director for internationally acclaimed Grupo Niche and also has been featured as pianist for Orquesta Guayacan, Grupo Gale, Mariano Cívico, Willy García, Los hermanos Moreno, Son de Cali, Orquesta Brava – Llego La Brava, La Cali Charanga, Orquesta Yambao and Jimmy Saa OiLo now presents his own production Curao en Salsa "Salsa Para El Bailador Vol. 1. Curao en Salsa means to 'marinate" like is done when preparing meats like a New York steak or a filet mignon, with  Lozano marinated this production on explosive salsa from Colombia, but not the typical formulaic kind, but fresh sound that takes you back to the sounds of Manny Oquendo and Libre, Orquesta Experimental Neuyorquina with their brand of hard trombon led salsa sound, yes the horn section is 3 trombon section that hits your hard from the get go. Curao En Salsa features and all star cast of colombian lead singers Alex Torres, Hector Viveros, Yarlinto Ruiz, Hermes Manyona, Jhon Lozano, Kike Harvey, Carlos Guerrero and boricua Julio Lopez, 

Oscar Ivan Lozano has teamed up with Salsaneo Records to deliver the distribution of the CD in physical and digital formats as well as vinyl. So make sure to support this great band from Colombia and pick your copy. The CD is due out on the 15 of March 2018 on Salsaneo Records.


Curao en Salsa

"Salsa Para El Bailador"

Curao en Salsa 
Con Alma De Sonera
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