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Salsa Music in the Pacific NW: A Collective Memoir

February 26, 2021

Press Release:

Salsaneo Records and Rincon Cultural are thrilled to release the album “Salsa Music in The Pacific NW: A Collective Memoir” on Friday February 26, 2021. This two CD compilation represents the journey of Salsa and Latin Jazz music in the PNW since its first documented recording in the 1980’s until 2021. The Album is part of "Salsa Music in the Pacific NW: A Collective Memoir"—A Book that shows the progression of salsa music in the Pacific Northwest— to be released in the Fall of 2021.

You can listen and purchase the production at the links below:


Listen to the promotional song by Bochinche – Mi Son Que Te Hice at the

Youtube link below:


Executive producer: Oswaldo Lucca

Producer: Steve Guasch

Mastering: BetterMusik By Julio Jáuregui

Graphic Concept and design: PrettyQuickGraphics, Chuck Erikson and Deborah Guasch

Photography: William Muñoz Photography

Sponsored in part by: 4Culture Foundation

We are extremely thankful for all the diverse artists involved; especially for their contributions to this project and their influence on the Latino Music Culture of the PNW.


Steve Guasch

Salsaneo Records

Lynnwood, WA



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