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The front line of Las Estrellas Del Coqui

Las Estrellas Del Coqui "Hijos Del Tambor" is set to be released this Friday march 8th through Amazon. I want to take a moment and present to you the front line of singers of the band, they are:

Hugo Maysonet, Lead singer, back-up singer and choreographer from Manatí, PR. He was born on the 1st of February 1955. He debuted in the salsa scene at the early age of 16 with Orquesta Joe Corretjer in 1969. During the 80's he formed part of Trópico, Toño Rosario, Conjunto Quisqueya and Aldo Matta among others. In 1992 he joined the Rey Ruiz Orchestra, then the Tony Vega Orchestra in 2012 .Recently has performed with NG2 and Tito Nieves. He also recorded three songs on Johnny El Bravo's CD "Te Imaginas" he was featured in the songs "Que Bello", "Te Imaginas" and "Oye Mi Amor". Hugo was a late addition to the band when most of the project was already recorded, he appears in the song "Isla Del Cordero, and will feature prominently on stage

Angel "Danny" de la Matta, was born in San Juan, PR from a family of musicians. At the age of 10 they moved to Rio Grande. Danny remembers from an early age, times when his older brother used to get Danny and his brother challenging each other to a "soneo" duel to Bobby Valentin's song "Dos soneros se han juntado". His younger brother worked hard in trying to become a professional salsa singer but his life was cut short, and now he sees realizes his opportunity in singing a passion that was evident in his life, and now with Las Estrellas Del Coqui he has the chance to fulfill his dream and also continue his younger brothers dream of contributing to the genre that he love, salsa. And to follow the steps of his favorite salsa singers Frankie Ruiz, Lalo Rodríguez and Héctor Lavoe.

Bianca Cotto, was born in San Juan, PR in 1990 and was raised in Guaynabo, PR. At the early age of 6 Bianca started to show interest in music and at age 13 she entered La Escuela Libre de Música de Caguas, Antonio Paoli where she developed her singing skills and the piano, graduating successfully.

She was part of Grupo Folklórico Los Cantores de Puerto Rico for 2 years, Bianca was also part of The Catholic Church Music Ministry, Hosanna in Caguas and Grupo Vitral of San Juan. Bianca is also a skilled artist in acrylic and watercolor painting. Cotto prides herself in been a single mother of two daughters.

Edgardo Lozada, Is the co-leader of the Orchestra, from Barrio Santa Rosa 1 de Guaynabo, was part of Orquesta Experimental, Héctor Rey Orchestra and Roberto Lugo Orchestra.

Roque "Koki" Lozada, Is the co-leader of the Orchestra along side his brother Edgardo. Koki is an accomplished Requinto and guitar player who has performed with the top "Trios" in Puerto Rico. Lozada has performed with Orquesta Roberto Lugo, Orquesta Tabú and Orquesta Van Lester.

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